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Scholarly Activities

 Some of our latest production and activities

Conference - Instituto Cervantes en Chicago - The silent epidemic of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Heading link

Cultural activities of Instituto Cervantes Chicago and ECUSA (LINK)

I was interviewed by Veronica Fuentes and talked about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Conference in Spanish.



Video of conference in Instituto Cervantes / ECUSA Heading link

Jose Muratalla presented our research in the first ENDOonline meeting on June 9th 2020 Heading link


Jose Muratalla abstract was selected for an oral presentation in ENDOonline. The annual meeting of the Endocrine Society was cancelled due to COVID-19. Our abstract was previously selected for an oral presentation, and we were of the few abstract selected to be presented in the first ENDOonline meeting. Congrats Jose!!!

Poster presented in 2019 COM Research Forum - Sam Lee and Jose Muratalla Heading link

Diabetes & Obesity Research Day 2019 - University of Illinois at Chicago Heading link

Muratalla 10-8-19

Jose was presenting our poster in the poster session of the Diabetes Day in CMW #119

2019 UIC Impact Day Heading link


Hanin El-Khateeb presented some research related to her Capstone Project of the UIC Honors College.

Endocrine Society 2019 Heading link

Apoorva Tummala in Endo 2019

Apoorva Tummala presented her work at the 2019 Endocrine Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

02/2019 First paper produced in our Lab at UIC Heading link

10/2018 New publications from the work done at Kineman's lab during my post doc Heading link

Conference on the Dissemination of Research in Molecular, Cellular, Genetic and Biotechnology Biology 2018 in Cordoba, Spain Heading link

2018 Conference on the Dissemination of Research in Molecular, Cellular, Genetic and Biotechnology Biology

Dr. Jose Cordoba-Chacon presented some of our key results at the 2018 Conference on the Dissemination of Research in Molecular, Cellular, Genetic and Biotechnology Biology in Cordoba, Spain. The results in presented in the video illustrate that independent of steatosis and liver injury, hepatocyte PPARy plays a role in liver fibrosis in mice fed a methionine choline deficient diet. Despite no difference being detected in lipid accumulation of circulating ALT, both fibrogenic and inflammatory markers as well as histological analysis of immune cell infiltration and collagen deposition were significantly reduced with the loss of hepatocyte PPARy. (Presentation Starts at 8:03, Audio is Quiet)

Ideas on Tap Research Mixer 2018 Heading link

Dr. Gregory Norris presented our work at the 2018 UIC Dept. of Medicine Ideas on Tap Mixer.  This project demonstrates a potential role for PPARy in the development of liver fibrosis in the context of a methionine choline deficient diet. Overall, loss of hepatocyte PPARy decreased the expression of many fibrogenic and inflammatory genes which correlated well with histological analysis of immune cell infiltration and collagen deposition.

Endocrine Society 2018 Heading link

Endo 2018 poster

We went to the 100th Endocrine Society’s meeting that was held in Chicago. In ENDO 2018 we presented a study in which we assessed the impact of trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid on hepatic lipid and glucose homeostasis. Interestingly, despite mice fed a diet containing t10,c12-CLA develop a total lipodystrophy and hepatic steatosis, their liver looks like to maintain hepatic insulin sensitivity to control blood glucose levels.

Ideas on Tap Research Mixer 2017 Heading link


We participated in the Ideas on Tap Research Mixer of the Department of Medicine.

Poster - Digestive Disease Week 2017, Chicago IL. Heading link

Poster -DDW 2017, Chicago, IL.

We were present in the Digestive Disease Week 2017 in Chicago.

Our group presented a poster entitled Hepatocyte PPARγ may regulate intestinal absortion and/or hepatic clearance of triacylglycerols, to prevent postprandial dyslipidemia.

Cover Picture - Journal of Endocrinology - March 2017 Heading link

Cover -

Two pictures that were included in our recent publication in the Journal of Endocrinology: Hepatocyte-specific, PPARγ-regulated mechanisms to promote steatosis in adult mice, were selected to be included in the Cover of a issue of The Journal of Endocrinology.